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Lucy Dickman

Born & raised with her two older brothers on the outskirts of London in the 70s as a child Lucy's treat in the half term holidays was a shopping trip with her mum to Knightsbridge where she would window shop all that glittered , absorbing all her surroundings and happily people watching before finally succumbing  to the pic & mix counter in Harrods where she would spend hours selecting her favourite brightly wrapped sweets.

From this humble beginning her love of fashion, classic style and contemporary colour was surely born!  Although a sporty child at school she had to wait to find her passion for golf until she met her long suffering husband Robert  the iconic 'boy next door ' who just happened to play golf for a job!

Then there was her love of people and her desire to make a difference. At 22 after attending Warwick University Lucy the Primary School teacher had landed. Before 30 she had her first headship later emerging to partner husband in his drive to open a family fun Golf Centre in 2002. Seeing a chance to  go full circle in 2005 she pioneered 'Swing Out Sister'

Lucy lives in Sussex with her three gorgeous boys ( Husband Robert, Son Olly and Archie the dog!)

Likes : Holidays in the sun, Quality time with family and friends and her guilty pleasure,  Michael Bublé

    Mary Huxford

    Born into a land of Relief and Rationing, Mary's first experience of fashion shopping came with a trip from Surrey to London to purchase School Uniform!

    Having a Mum who was a fantastic seamstress meant that she was able to enjoy, from an early age, classic styles mixed in with up-to-date fashion. Being part of the school Sports teams enabled her to create and design her own tennis outfits ( other sports were very strict uniform) and she was the envy of many visiting teams.

    School gave way to college in London's West End followed by her first employment in Berkeley Square. Surrounded by the great fashion houses of the 1960s Mary was always acutely aware of the emerging trends. You could call her another Mary (Quant)!

    Marriage and a move to North Wales curtailed her source of fashion information but she continued in her Mums footsteps and created up to date garments for her family (much to sons embarrassment)!

    The move back to Sussex in the 1970s reignited the passion and with her husband, Roger, taking to the golf course, began to eye up fashion on the Tee and at the 19th!

    Still with a love of the Classic look she is always keen to engage the 'look of the moment' and can be seen sporting the SOS look on most occasions!

    Looking in the family dictionary there is no entry under R for retirement and her communication skills mean she is always up to the challenge.

    Likes: Cooking, Traveling, Golfing and above all, retail therapy!

      Marc Farrell

      I was born in the 80s to a bright world, where luminous colours filled my imagination with hope and dreams. Having had parents who supported my choices in life, and guided me in times of indecision, I made a path through the educational systems to University. Where, having studied Media and Media Production, I learned that these colours could be put to a remarkable effect given the right combination. Movies and music, fashion and art, it is was now a concept I began to grasp....Well, so I thought!

      Fashion to me was never about standing out but about blending in. Obviously, opinions can change. And mine was made up for me having met my long term girlfriend, Kayleigh. The concept of colour and coordination became ever more apparent. If she didn't like it, I didn't wear it. Of course,  I don't mind taking the advice, she does after all spend countless hours on eBay researching.... Now,  at work, I'm known as a trend setter with my array of jumpers and cardigans. You can't buy happiness, but you can buy good fashion!! Having had my moment in the limelight, I think i'll go back to the darkness, I'll listen to my 80's 'cheese' and hide behind the website, leaving the shopping to the experts in a Ladies World!!

      Likes: 80s Cheese, A Hole In One (I'll let you know if i ever get one) and fine Food & Wine

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